From 2018 to 2019

Written by  Friday, 11 January 2019
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From 2018 to 2019

From 2018 to 2019

1.  What do Google Year in Search 2018, Strengths and Positive Practices have in common?

For at least the past 5 years, Google has been releasing a short video which highlights what we, as a common humanity, searched for most in the previous year; Google’s Year in Search 2018 can be found here.  

In 2018, we, the world, searched for good– good things in the world, how to be a good citizen, how to be a good singer, what makes a good role-model, and more.

As I watched this short 2-minute video I reflected on my VIA Signature Strengths which are: 

  • Love of learning
  • Love
  • Fairness
  • Honesty
  • Bravery
  • Curiosity

I started smiling from approximately 8 seconds into the video and my smile just kept getting bigger and bigger.  I have now watched this clip at least a dozen times and knowing there is so much love and care in the world keeps filling my heart. 

Not being familiar with all of the experiences in the video, my love of learning and curiosity were piqued.  For example, I didn’t understand why the athletes were crossing their arms over their chest.  I have found out that this is known as the Wakanda Forever Salute and has been inspired by the movie, Black Panther, whose core philosophy is “With great power comes great responsibility.” 

As I was reminded of the rescue of the soccer team from the caves in Thailand and watched the young boy/superhero delivering meals to the homeless, my strengths of bravery and fairness were awakened.  As a result, I reflected on my own brave acts of 2018 which were most often driven by my strength of fairness.

The honesty and authenticity expressed by the everyday people in this clip lifted my spirits.

We know that using our strengths is a positive practice that builds confidence, increases energy and vitality, increases creativity, opens us to be more receptive to the ideas of others, improves our scope for thought and action, and increases wellbeing. While I did not necessarily use my strengths while watching this video, they were certainly roused, and I have found that my mood was decidedly uplifted and positive.  This video gave me energy to work on my next to-do item.

Different positive practices will work for different people.  Perhaps watching this short video will increase your positive emotions too; perhaps not.  I do encourage you to watch and notice; what is the impact of this short 2 minutes on your emotions?  If positive, perhaps this is a video clip that you can use as a positive practice to lift your mood when needed.  I know I will continue to watch this video for exactly that reason.  

There are so many additional lessons in this clip. For example, if Google were to develop a video of your 2018, what would be shown?  If they did the same at the end of 2019, what do you want to be shown? How can you make this happen?

We are always keen to hear your stories; we’re keen to understand the impact of this video on you and also to understand how you use other positive practices.


P.S.  I think I need to look further into “how to be a good dancer.”

P.S.S.  If you would like to discuss how to build strengths and positive practices in your workplace, we would be delighted to have that conversation with you.

 2.  Guest blog: Leading, vulnerability & courage 

Be sure to look out for our guest blog that will be published on January 21 on our Leading with Courage website.  Our guest blogger learnt that instead of being seen as weak for showing vulnerability, they were seen as being strong.

As we head into 2019, I encourage you to reflect on your leadership and consider what vulnerability and courage will enable for you and the team you lead.  While risk may exist, which actions are worthwhile taking so that you may be your best, authentic self?  So that you create an environment which inspires everyone to thrive and reach their potential?

3.  Stages of Team Development

Aaron Jarden, Associate Professor at the Centre of Positive Psychology, University of Melbourne has built on Bruce Tuckman’s Model of Team Development; that is, forming, storming, norming and performing.  Simply described, Aaron has identified that as we progress from forming through to performing, trust is built, knowledge is shared and created, and collaborations and synergies are formed.  Please call us if you’d like to discuss this new information and to discuss how insium can assist in developing your team to high performance.

4.  Ego is the Enemy of Good Leadership, by R Hougaard & J Carter 

What is the impact of ego on leadership?  In this HBR article, Rasmus Hougaard and Jacqueline Carter offer that as ego grows, leaders become more insulated, losing touch with their colleagues and clients. They also suggest that breaking free of an inflated ego requires selflessness, reflection and courage.  What do you think?

 5.  Thank you for your feedback.

Thank you to everyone who completed our yearly insium feedback.  We learnt that our strengths include listening, understanding your business, and delivering to a very high standard, whether this is workshop facilitation or executive coaching. We were chuffed to receive responses such as “Really, nothing comes to mind!,” in response to what we don’t do well.  Should anything come to mind, please do let us know as we are keen to exceed your expectations.

We look forward to what 2019 holds for us all. 

Best regards,

Geoff and Dina (@CourageChick) 

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