Authentic Leadership Program 

The Authentic Leadership Program is aimed at middle to senior level Leaders and Professional Specialists (non-line managers) with a significant influencing role in this organisation. Overall, the aims of this program are to:

*   Equip leaders with the confidence and resilience to lead positively and proactively in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) world

*   Develop culture through desired, positive behaviours

*   Increase employee engagement

*   Embed the organisation’s philosophy to deliver on business objectives

*   Build core capability in middle to senior level leadership and professional specialist in order to deliver results in a constantly changing, ambiguous environment

This project was launched in October 2006 and continues to this day.

Key program deliverables for which insium is accountable include:

*   Validating results obtained in a needs analysis for the Asia-Pacific Region. This involved conducting a number of focus groups and 1:1 interviews with key stakeholders across various business units

*   Collaborating with the client’s Leadership and Talent Capability Team to design and develop the program to ensure that organisational needs are met. This included design and development of workshop content, workshop materials, pre-work and interim workshop projects, 1:1 coaching methodology

*   Collaborating and relationship management with additional providers such as Actors and other external Organisational Development Consultants as recommended by the organisation

*   Project management of the design and development phase

*   Conducting pilot workshops for revision for final business-as-usual workshops

*   Facilitation of business-as-usual workshops

*   1:1 coaching conducted between the workshops

*   Continued collaboration with internal Leadership Ambassadors who are instrumental to the success of the program, and with the bank’s community partners who play a key role in the program

*   Continued collaboration with internal key stakeholders to ensure currency and continuous improvement to the program  
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Coaching Successes

A number of insium’s organisational coaching counterparts have had significant successes as a result of engaging insium as their organisational coach.

*   A manager in a pharmaceutical company sought a coaching relationship in order to resolve an internal conflict and to build his positivity. As a result of coaching, and the coaching counterpart’s commitment to this initiative, this manager has built resilience and tenacity, and has been asked to be a key member of this organisation’s AsiaPacific Medical Leadership team.

*   A previous participant of an insium Strengths workshop sought coaching to help her be fulfilled and energised in her work and at home. One key outcome to-date is job crafting so that she works to her strength. This new role/job description is currently with her manager for review and consideration.

*   insium coached a senior executive to understand her workplace and personal motivations. She is now in a role that utilises her motivations and enables her to achieve the work/life balance she desires.

*   A Product Manager who was on a performance improvement plan identified during coaching conversations that the issue was not in skill, but rather in their attitude towards personal branding and building relationships. As a result of coaching, this Product Manager is now a valued team member within the organisation.

*   An employee in a not-for-profit organisation learned through coaching to work constructively with organisational politics, resulting in improved workplace relationships and outcomes. The coaching relationship continues on an informal basis.

Appreciative inquiry and positive coaching underpin many of insium’s coaching partnerships.  
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IMPACT: High Performing Team and Culture

IMPACT was an eighteen-month initiative designed to increase the visibility and presence of a service department within this organisation. Working with both local and overseas participants, both face-to-face and remotely, key workshops included:

*   Understanding Self and Others – in which DiSC Behavioural Styles was used to understand own preferences and those of others, and how to proactively and constructively use these preferences to build relationships with all stakeholders

*   Achieving Leadership Goals – a positive, strengths-based workshop in which leadership strengths within the team were identified and further leadership behaviours were agreed to ensure the success of this team

*   Influence with Impact – in which Robert Cialdini’s Persuasion Principles were directly applied to key stakeholder mapping, and in which participants identified their own preferred influencing style in order to identify how to influence specific key stakeholders in specific situations

*   Leading in Change – using both the internal organisational change framework and William Bridges Model of Transitions to explore and understand how to lead specific stakeholders through recommended changes being made by this team

Key outcomes of this initiative have included:

*   Global recognition of this team by peers and key stakeholders

*   Increased engagement amongst this global team and increased commitment to each other

Additionally, the success of this initiative led to insium being engaged by another of this organisation’s global service departments to conduct the Influence with Impact workshop in the USA.  

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Valued Talent Program

The Valued Talent Program was implemented with approximately 60 participants across Australasia who were identified as high potential at three different levels of seniority throughout the organisation. Key aims of this program included:

*   Understanding the characteristics of great leaders and great leadership at this organisation

*   Receiving, reflecting and acting upon 360-degree feedback

*   Exploring authenticity and authentic leadership

*   Exploration and identification of personal brand

*   Increased awareness of the importance of managing your own career

*   Managing and leading change and transitions

*   Action-based learning projects

*   An opportunity for networking, learning together and relationship-building amongst all participants

Key deliverables for which insium was accountable include:

*   Collaborating with key internal stakeholders to:

o   Understand current key issues

o    Recommend and agree additional members of the insium network as facilitators and/or coaches

o    Design key communications about this initiative

o    Design and development of workshop content, workshop materials, pre-work and interim workshop projects

*    Collaboration and relationship management with additional providers such as actors, suppliers of materials and other external Organisational Development consultants as recommended by the organisation

*   Co-facilitation of workshops with members of the company’s Organisational Development Team

*   Group coaching of action-based learning project teams

*   Continued collaboration with internal key stakeholders to ensure continuous improvement to the program  
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Team 2015: Good to Great

Team 2015: Good to Great is a three-year initiative implemented with the organisation’s Finance Team. The overall aim of the programme is to create a high performing team, where team members proactively demonstrate high performing team behaviours, including leadership with internal and external stakeholders. Key workshops include:

Year 1:

*   Plan for Success – in which Team Purpose and Ways of Working were agreed

*   Understanding Self and Others – in which the DiSC Behavioural Styles tool was used to understand own preferences and those of others, and the impact of these

• Celebrating 2013!

Year 2:

*   Accountability and Ownership – in which accountability to self, the team and the organisation were explored

*   Team Development and Team Building – in which the Finance Management Team members (only) explored their commitment to their own development and that of their team members

• Celebrating 2014! – in which sustainability of the environment was explored and celebrated

Year 3:

*   Engaged Self, Engaged Team – the “Helping Hands” activity was used to experientially explore Martin Seligman’s model of well-being, PERMA and VIA Signature Strengths

*   Leading Change and Transitions – using William Bridges Model of Transitions to understand psychological response to change and impact of this on success of the change

*   Influencing with Impact – in which insium’s “Trade Up to Success” activity will be used to explore how to influence different stakeholders

*   Two further workshops for which content is to be determined based on organisational and team needs and market forces at the time.

Positivity and strengths-based approaches have been the foundation upon which all the workshops have been designed and delivered. In addition to the activities mentioned above, workshop methodologies have varied from appreciative inquiry to equine facilitated learning to adventure parks and more. Touch points between workshops have been instrumental to the success of this program. This program is ongoing and its success has resulted in discussion about a global roll-out of this program.  

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