IMPACT: High Performing Team and Culture

IMPACT was an eighteen-month initiative designed to increase the visibility and presence of a service department within this organisation. Working with both local and overseas participants, both face-to-face and remotely, key workshops included:

*   Understanding Self and Others – in which DiSC Behavioural Styles was used to understand own preferences and those of others, and how to proactively and constructively use these preferences to build relationships with all stakeholders

*   Achieving Leadership Goals – a positive, strengths-based workshop in which leadership strengths within the team were identified and further leadership behaviours were agreed to ensure the success of this team

*   Influence with Impact – in which Robert Cialdini’s Persuasion Principles were directly applied to key stakeholder mapping, and in which participants identified their own preferred influencing style in order to identify how to influence specific key stakeholders in specific situations

*   Leading in Change – using both the internal organisational change framework and William Bridges Model of Transitions to explore and understand how to lead specific stakeholders through recommended changes being made by this team

Key outcomes of this initiative have included:

*   Global recognition of this team by peers and key stakeholders

*   Increased engagement amongst this global team and increased commitment to each other

Additionally, the success of this initiative led to insium being engaged by another of this organisation’s global service departments to conduct the Influence with Impact workshop in the USA.