Authentic Leadership Program 

The Authentic Leadership Program is aimed at middle to senior level Leaders and Professional Specialists (non-line managers) with a significant influencing role in this organisation. Overall, the aims of this program are to:

*   Equip leaders with the confidence and resilience to lead positively and proactively in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) world

*   Develop culture through desired, positive behaviours

*   Increase employee engagement

*   Embed the organisation’s philosophy to deliver on business objectives

*   Build core capability in middle to senior level leadership and professional specialist in order to deliver results in a constantly changing, ambiguous environment

This project was launched in October 2006 and continues to this day.

Key program deliverables for which insium is accountable include:

*   Validating results obtained in a needs analysis for the Asia-Pacific Region. This involved conducting a number of focus groups and 1:1 interviews with key stakeholders across various business units

*   Collaborating with the client’s Leadership and Talent Capability Team to design and develop the program to ensure that organisational needs are met. This included design and development of workshop content, workshop materials, pre-work and interim workshop projects, 1:1 coaching methodology

*   Collaborating and relationship management with additional providers such as Actors and other external Organisational Development Consultants as recommended by the organisation

*   Project management of the design and development phase

*   Conducting pilot workshops for revision for final business-as-usual workshops

*   Facilitation of business-as-usual workshops

*   1:1 coaching conducted between the workshops

*   Continued collaboration with internal Leadership Ambassadors who are instrumental to the success of the program, and with the bank’s community partners who play a key role in the program

*   Continued collaboration with internal key stakeholders to ensure currency and continuous improvement to the program