Valued Talent Program

The Valued Talent Program was implemented with approximately 60 participants across Australasia who were identified as high potential at three different levels of seniority throughout the organisation. Key aims of this program included:

*   Understanding the characteristics of great leaders and great leadership at this organisation

*   Receiving, reflecting and acting upon 360-degree feedback

*   Exploring authenticity and authentic leadership

*   Exploration and identification of personal brand

*   Increased awareness of the importance of managing your own career

*   Managing and leading change and transitions

*   Action-based learning projects

*   An opportunity for networking, learning together and relationship-building amongst all participants

Key deliverables for which insium was accountable include:

*   Collaborating with key internal stakeholders to:

o   Understand current key issues

o    Recommend and agree additional members of the insium network as facilitators and/or coaches

o    Design key communications about this initiative

o    Design and development of workshop content, workshop materials, pre-work and interim workshop projects

*    Collaboration and relationship management with additional providers such as actors, suppliers of materials and other external Organisational Development consultants as recommended by the organisation

*   Co-facilitation of workshops with members of the company’s Organisational Development Team

*   Group coaching of action-based learning project teams

*   Continued collaboration with internal key stakeholders to ensure continuous improvement to the program