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We’re so energised by the work that we’ve been up to and the work that is ahead of us.  WE know we’re at our best when we’re exploring courage, leadership, teams, self with you.  Hope you’re energised too.


Dare to Lead:  As Dina’s expertise in courage grows, she continues to seek collaborations to learn with others.  She’s excited to let you know that in mid-June she is headed to San Antonio, TX, USA to be accredited by none other than Brené Brown in Brené’s Dare to Lead program.  This accreditation will mean that in addition to her own knowledge and tools, Dina will be able to integrate the expertise and tools that Brené has developed into her own work on Leading with Courage. 

Dina has threatened to fill social media with photos of her with Brené … look out!


If you’d like to know more about insium’s Leading with Courage programs, please click here.


Leading with Courage Resources:  If you haven’t had a chance to have a look yet, click here to explore the resources that we have developed to help you explore your courageous self.  Just last week, a new reflection exercise, Courageous Leadership, was included.


Authentic Leadership:

Lead True: Authentic Leadership Rediscovered by Professor Bill George.  You can find Bill’s free ebook, Lead True here.  Published in 2018, it is a great read which includes stories of leaders and organisations that Bill has worked with, Bill’s reflections on 50 years of leadership, and 30 reflection questions to help you discover your true north.  You may like to reflect on 2-3 questions on a weekly basis to explore your authentic leadership.

Authentic Leadership Program:  Dina is thrilled to be invited by Brian Truman of Zenith Potential to partner and facilitate an authentic leadership program with the Group Leaders and Team Leaders of a for-purpose organisation.  The program has commenced with participants receiving feedback on their emotional intelligence, and will continue with a number of workshops over the course of the remainder of the year.  Brian, Dani and Dina are back together … watch out!


#CourageAtConferences:  Dina is excited to be co-facilitating a symposium at the upcoming 6th World Congress of Positive Psychology which is taking place in Melbourne on July 18-21.  The symposium title is Practical approaches for applying positive psychology within organisations: building courage, highly connected teams and wellbeing in the workplace.  Dina will be co-facilitating the session with Marcia Ryan whose focus is highly connected teams and Dr Peggy Kern who will focus on wellbeing in the workplace.  No prizes for guessing Dina’s focus!

Dina will also be presenting a poster, Workplace courage: A critical factor for successful organisations in which the results of our Workplace Courage Question (CQ) will be presented.


My Pitch Kit:  We have been working collaboratively with MyPitchKit, an exciting new organisation that connects entrepreneurs with the insight and support to become investor ready. Can’t wait to tell you more about our work soon!  In the meantime you can register to hear about their upcoming launch at MyPitchKit.com.



#BelieveUntilYouAchieve:  And finally, “fake it til you make it” has never sat quite right with us; we feel it smacks in the face of authenticity and being genuine.  A workshop participant recently suggested “believe until you achieve.”  Now that is a great mantra!


As always, we would love to hear from you, we would love to hear your stories of courage, of authenticity, of high performing teams and more. 


Hope to hear from you soon,

Geoff & Dina (@CourageChick)

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